A faulty electrical appliance can not only be dangerous; it can be LETHAL!

OH&S laws require every workplace must have a system in place to identify and remove faulty electrical appliances from service to prevent unsuspecting workers being injured or killed from an electric shock. Hefty penalties can be applied for non-compliance, even if no incident has occurred.

7 Reasons to have your electrical appliances test and tagged. Benefits of having your electrical appliances test and tagged by Thorntek on a regular basis;

  • Reduced risk of legal action and ‘damages’ payouts stemming from worker injuries or deaths.
  • Reduced risk of fire (and associated losses) being caused by electrical faults.
  • Reduced risk of monetary fines or rectification orders being imposed by WorkSafe inspectors due to breaches of OH&S obligations.
  • Reduced risk of insurance claims (including Workers Compensation. Building &/or Contents) being rejected owing to lack of due diligence.
  • Improved workplace relations – show your workers you do care and take safety seriously.
  • Improved productivity and less down time from worker injuries.
  • Greater peace of mind knowing potentially dangerous, or lethal, appliances are identified and removed from service before they injure.

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